28 November, 2022 – the latest edition of our manifesto for the next general election is here:

The next general election must be held by January 2025 at the latest. The manifesto is little changed from the previous edition, but the following addition under “Reproductive Rights” (pp.23-7) is worth highlighting:

Men have almost no reproductive rights in comparison with women, although 50% of the DNA in the unborn child comes from the father. Fathers do not have the legal right to learn they have fathered a child, nor do they have the right to stop the mother having the child killed. We believe this is wrong. Paternity can be established from as early as seven weeks after conception, through non-invasive paternity testing.[1]  Women would not be able to secure an elective abortion more than seven weeks after conception without the approval of the unborn child’s biological father. We believe this is a reasonable demand reflecting the need for men to have more reproductive rights.