Israeli baby requires complex surgery after circumcision gone wrong

A piece in The Jerusalem Post. The start of the piece:

A baby was rushed to the hospital in northern Israel on Monday after his circumcision went wrong, with his genitals being almost completely amputated during a brit mila – a Jewish ritual circumcision, Israeli media reported. 

Extracts from the comments section:

Adults make choices, little baby had no choice, adults who get a circumcision can choose a qualified professional doctor,  what choice does a baby have? Mothers make the choice to give birth natural or C-section or get an abortion, what choice does baby have or get? 

I am Jewish. I have been circumcised and I have also had my two sons circumcised… but over time I have changed my way of thinking and if I had sons today, I would not circumcise them.

Perhaps it’s due time to re-assess all of our mystical rituals and narratives; it’s absurd to frame our lives by texts written 3000 years ago.

Maybe it’s time for us to start rethinking the whole brit milah thing.  Maybe it can be more of a spiritual thing than an actual physical injury to the baby. 

Bronze Age barbarism.

This is for the 2nd century. We are in 2022 and circumcision is the most idi0 tic practice ever.

Time to put an end to this barbaric ritual, which serves no usefull purpose.

Unbelievable that this pagan butchery is still legal in some underdeveloped countries.

About time this barbaric practice of mutilating a baby’s genital’s in the name of religion was made illegal.

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