Julie Bindel: ‘SCUM Manifesto’ is your perfect summer vacay read

Earlier today Tom Golden recorded a video discussion on transgender issues with Janice Fiamengo, Don Lofendale and myself. It should be out soon on his Men are Good channel.

In the course of the discussion I mentioned a 2018 article by Julie Bindel, which originally came to my attention through a link in Janice’s recent article Girls Who Transition are Victims, Boys Who Transition are Victimizers. Bindel’s article was titled ‘SCUM Manifesto’ is your perfect summer vacay read. Many of our followers will recall that “SCUM” stands for the “Society For Cutting Up Men”, its authoress – Valerie Solanas – the insane radical feminist (I repeat myself) who shot and almost killed Andy Warhol. From Bindel’s article:

What I love about this book is how it promotes straightforward man-hating. Blaming men for the ills of the world is underrated. Women have been under siege for centuries, and resistance feels exhilarating, whether in the form of waving placards, or reading radical statements about feminist fight-back.

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One thought on “Julie Bindel: ‘SCUM Manifesto’ is your perfect summer vacay read

  1. William Collins

    What Bindel’s remark demonstrates yet again is how the feminist mindset is rooted in a distorted perspective of history. It is no accident that the teaching of history is now so corrupted. This is why it is so important to tell and retell truthful, balanced accounts of history, such as my Centuries Of Oppression series. It is also why Janice’s TFF2.0 is so important.


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