Is the Child Maintenance Service guilty of corporate manslaughter? Thousands of deaths, no accountability.

Our thanks to Nigel for this (video, 29:15). He writes:

A heroic father fights for his dead son. If ever there was an example of the denial of rights… 1,000 suicides just the tip of an iceberg of injustice meted out by the very institutions that should protect all. As Mr. Briggs points out, denying even a fair hearing is because a successful case will cause the floodgates to open as the evil in the arrangements that are supposed to look after children is exposed in case after case after case. 

The CMS’s attacks on fathers are the stuff of nightmares, inevitably leading to fathers committing suicide.

Many years ago I had a ruinously large demand from the CMS, claiming arrears in my payments to support my two children, which had ended many years before. I explained to no avail that I’d paid every penny I was required to, and demanded evidence to support their assertion. They said they had no evidence to back their assertion, but would pursue the matter all the same, saying that if they hadn’t received the money within 30 days, they would file court papers to force me to sell my home and take the money from the proceeds.

I then asked if they’d spoken to my ex-wife, to which they replied they didn’t have her current contact details. I gave them her phone number. When they called her, she confirmed I had always paid all sums due, in full. How many ex-wives would have played along with the scam for personal gain?

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