Joan Smith: Why has Starmer banished feminists?

A piece published by Unherd a few days ago. If we still presented Gormless Feminists of the Month awards, Ms Smith would win one for this alone:

It’s becoming clear that the conflict is not between feminists and a small number of trans people who, in any case, have the same rights as the rest of us. It’s between growing numbers of women and what is in effect a profoundly misogynist men’s rights movement, which has seized the opportunity provided by weak leadership in the Labour Party. (To be fair, the Lib Dems, SNP and Greens are just as culpable.)

Firstly, the MRM is not, and never has been, “profoundly misogynist”. Secondly, I am unaware of even one MRA globally seeking to wield influence in this area. In common with all feminists, the woman has bats in the belfry.

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