Gaby Hinsliff (Guardian): “If I mention the ‘modern male struggle’, do you roll your eyes? It’s time to stop looking away.”

A piece in yesterday’s Guardian. Ms Hinsliff loses no time in describing her typical readers:

We need to talk about the troubles of men.

No, really. Even if the thought of being asked to sympathise with the modern male struggle makes you roll your eyes or turn the page, it’s worth examining that irritable kneejerk reaction more closely. 

She lauds the book Of Boys and Men by Richard Reeves, “a card-carrying liberal feminist, a former chief of staff to Nick Clegg”. Hinsliff writes:

He is very clear that the problem isn’t female success, but some men’s inability to adjust to a world where they can no longer dominate simply as a right.

How could half the world’s population “dominate simply as a right”? Usual feminist nonsense.

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