Paternity Fraud UK – a new resource for victims of paternity fraud

I’ve had a call from Mike Thompson, an engaging Mancunian, about his new organization, Paternity Fraud UK. A wonderful development, I wish him well with it. Paternity fraud is a far more common phenomenon than is generally supposed, and it can wreck lives. It’s always appeared in our manifestos, and I was pleased to learn from Mike that he’d found that content helpful. He writes:

I found out in May 2020 that I was a victim of paternity fraud. The boy who I was told was my son actually wasn’t. The affect on me personally was devastating. It even lead me to have suicidal thoughts. I was upset at the lack of help out there for paternity fraud victims and I decided to set something up myself. 

My website is a way victims can access support. I expect it to be registered as a charity in the next 2-3 months. 

We offer one-to-one phone support where men can speak with me about what’s happened and how they’re coping. If a legal matter needs addressing I can refer them to a paralegal who has extensive experience in paternity fraud. Also I can refer anyone to a counsellor who has experience with helping men come to terms with paternity fraud. 

We also have a group where men can join so they can speak to other victims of paternity fraud. We’ve found this to be extremely helpful for men.

Our Facebook page is here, YouTube channel here, Twitter account here.

You can make a donation to support our work here. Nobody working for the party draws an income from the party’s income streams. You can help Mike Buchanan meet his personal living expenses through his Patreon page, or send him some Bitcoin, his account is 1EfWxqDAtgJDCR3tVpvVj4fXSuUu4S9WJf. Thank you.

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