Why it’s time to take the L out of LGBT – JULIE BINDEL says it time to break from the ever-growing list of identities that make up the current acronym

Our thanks to Nigel for this. He writes:

Now of course there is some amusement to be had at the sight of the diversity bus losing its wheels as it turns out there are inherent contradictions in the ideologies of the day, And of course Mz. Bindel does finally makes clear she hates all males, even the ones who fancy other males and particularly the ones who go to great lengths to become those paragons of all things innocent and worthy, women. You do wonder when the penny will drop that all the myriad of diverse “genders” follows feminism. For if you “deconstruct” sex and gender roles it should not surprise you end up with the ever extending alphabet of diversity.

How sad for Julie she is no longer “on trend”. It brings to mind that old saying that when people cease to believe in something, they don’t believe in nothing but begin to believe everything! The apparently never ending alphabet of “diversity” epitomised this as each new letter is added. Poor old Julie, struggling with being the Establishment. 

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