Kevin Legge, 50, former civil servant, launches legal case claiming he was sacked for not being a feminist

Our thanks to Nigel for this. We wish Mr Legge success with his legal case. Thousands of such cases could be brought in the civil service alone. Nigel writes:

Hard on the heels of the revelations from the RAF, more evidence of the endemic direct discrimination within our public services and Quangos. I see Mr. Legge has taken a case specifically that he was discriminated against because he is a man (sex discrimination)  and that he didn’t subscribe to feminism as a “belief”(discrimination on the basis of religious or philosophical belief) . Unfortunately, though he cites a number of occasions the Environment Agency directly discriminated against men, unlawfully, it is the men so discriminated against who would have to take cases forward. Which is no doubt why Mr. Legge has taken the case forward on the  basis of not subscribing  to feminism, as well as being unfairly treated.

The case does highlight the usual ways public bodies directly discriminate, by deliberately ending or voiding recruitment processes that don’t achieve the “right” result or by deliberately loading the process in ways that alow for more subjective assessment of candidates, which of course make it difficult to pinpoint the actual discrimination because the interviewer’s subjective evaluations are difficult to challenge. In the RAF the recruitment process was stopped to try to change the process because currently it begins with objective tests before it moves on to more subjective interviews, so far too many white men were getting good results and were difficult to eliminate in later stages. I hope Mr. Legge is successful. If not, at least the coverage exposes the reality.

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