Men have a higher risk of cancer because of ‘intrinsic biological differences’ NOT because they eat, drink and smoke more, major study claims

Our thanks to Nigel for this. He writes:

Another story about the many differences between men and women.

A. We are reminded that men are much more likely to contract and die from almost all cancers. 

B. This is not connected to men’s behaviours as such, the usual victim-blaming trope from feminists ever vigilant to any notion that males my in fact need attention.

C. Of course the unlikelihood that there will be calls for special services for men or special attention for males at risk or contracting cancers. Because of course there is a constant stream of feminist-inspired campaigns claiming women are discriminated against by health services, and there are met by gynocentric promises (recently by both Tory leadership hopefuls ) of “more resources”.

Also my news alerts bring me stories about huge numbers of school exclusions, largely skipping past the the fact that the majority are boys, whereas it would be the headline if the majority were girls. Of course the obvious “sexism” in the fact that 95% of children strip-searched by police are boys is neatly sidestepped by reporting on the girl “Q” because of course we know there will be no public sympathy to be milked be highlighting a boy’s story.

If there is an “everyday sexism” it is surely that in any circumstance where the majority affected are males, the fact itself is unworthy of note and very unlikely indeed to generate any mention of “gender” or “sexism”. Yet where the reverse is true the main thrust will be to highlight the difference and claim “sexism” however unlikely some terrible discrimination is a factor at all. 

Yet in fact in all of these instances above, and in so many others, we know males are subject to sexual stereotyping which is very much in the mix. Usually of the “it’s their own fault” “they should man up” sort.

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