Laura Bates: “Fix the System, Not the Women”

My thanks to Jeff for alerting me to the publication of a book by Special Snowflake (Laura Bates) three months ago. I don’t know how I missed it. I must order a copy, it’s handy to have a suitable book to use if and when I run out of toilet paper. It’s clear from the title alone that the book continues with her usual theme, the world must change to make women less anxious / happier / more successful etc. Women have no need to be more resilient and engage with the world as it is. She is utterly blind to female privilege.

SS is well-known to followers of this party as a longstanding professional whine merchant. I had the displeasure of being interviewed with her by Jeremy Vine on his morning (live) radio show on BBC Radio 2 (7+ million listeners) in 2013, shortly after our predecessor party was launched, in 2013 – here. Vine asked her at one point if she was reading off a piece of paper, which she denied. I could see that she was reading – it was an early indication of her lying nature – and later wished I’d said as much to Vine. After we came off air, whilst ranting at me like an ill-tempered toddler, she stomped a foot, then stormed out of the studio. Vine could only say, “Wow!”

I have always considered SS as a solid example of a child who has failed to transition to adulthood. I’ve met some of her supporters and they suffer from the same problem – or, rather, others suffer.

She was the winner of several Lying Feminist of the Month awards, and (in her previous book Men Who Hate Women) lied about Paul Elam, myself, and attending a Messages 4 Men conference in London. She’d have been as conspicuous at that conference as Adolf Hitler in Nazi uniform in a synagogue in Berlin in 1940.

“Simplistic Vitriol” has posted this comment. along with one star:

Another one sided, empty-headed rant from Laura Bates. Has it ever occured to her that this brand of “journalism” only fuels misogyny?

Well, it certainly fuels hatred of feminists in general and SS in particular, but that’s all grist to SS’s mill. What she’s done with her utterances on gender issues for over 10 years has been to fuel misandry, especially among impressionable young women. Many of them will remain with the mentality of children for their whole lives. That’s the legacy of SS.

My video challenge of SS is here, Elizabeth Hobson’s is here. Needless to say, she didn’t respond to either challenge.

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