Caroline Dinenage MP joins campaign calling on the government to give more support to working women with menopause

Here we go again. In all the articles calling for more “support” for women going through the menopause, I have read nothing about what form that “support” will take. We can be very sure it will be time off work on request, so other employees will have to cover for the women. Small employers in particular will be justifiably reluctant to recruit women of any age – younger women because of the cost and disruption of maternity leave, and older women because of the menopause issue.

It hardly needs pointing out that calls are being made only for the female menopause to be recognized as a protected characteristic. Nothing is said about the male menopause, testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS). An extract from the Wikipedia page on the condition:

Some men in their late 40s and early 50s develop depression, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, and other physical and emotional symptoms such as irritability, loss of muscle mass and reduced ability to exercise, weight gain, lack of energy, difficulty sleeping, or poor concentration; many of these symptoms may arise from a midlife crisis or as the results of a long-term unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, excess drinking, overeating, lack of exercise) and may be best addressed by lifestyle changes, therapy, or antidepressants.

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