‘Downblousing’ will become criminal offence says Rishi Sunak in leadership pledge

Madness on stilts. If he becomes prime minister, Sunak would make “downblousing” illegal, the piece in the Mirror quotes him as saying this:

As a father of two girls, I want them to be able to go for a walk in the evening or to a shop at night without any fear of threat.

I’m a father of two girls too. Sunak might “want” this to happen, but it never will, and he knows it. This is nothing less than pathological pandering to women, and serves only to make them more anxious.

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3 thoughts on “‘Downblousing’ will become criminal offence says Rishi Sunak in leadership pledge

  1. Elizabeth

    Another day – another absurd feminist grievance.

    Women have been politically liberated – that’s fair – women have been liberated from the profound limitations that our biology imposed on us – great – but feminists have ensured that female aggression has also been liberated – that is cause for concern.

    Women in general have always had immense social power as compared to men in general, we cannot change that because it’s an evolved feature of human societies, and so when all else is equal, some animals are inherently always going to be more equal than others. What we can do is not deliberately establish legislation targeted at preventing behaviour that is a petty annoyance to some women at worst, because doing so further emboldens women’s ability to harm men.

    It is outrageous that Mr Sunak dares to equate downblousing with sexual violence. Sexual violence rates are low in 2022 U.K. but sexual violence still happens and the impact on victims can be catastrophic. So we should commit ourselves to prevention of sexual violence. We should pursue justice for victims. We should absolutely not tie up police and solicitors and courts with ridiculous cases about downblousing.

    Women are important members of our society and we should be encouraged to flourish. Please, encourage us by understanding that we are strong and we are amazing and we can deal with the day to day hurly burly of being an individual in contact with other individuals all by our strong and amazing selves. Please stop drilling these messages into us that insist the we are victims who require authorities to regulate the minutiae of our interactions. We are anti-fragile and we grow when we are challenged to. Let us grow.


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