NHS ‘gender health gap’ (invented BS) that leaves women struggling to get good healthcare (baseless assertion) is branded medical misogyny (by idiots)

Our thanks to Jeff for this. Medical misogyny – give me strength! In our manifesto (pp.72-4) we outline many areas where women are privileged over men with respect to healthcare provision e.g. while more men die of prostate cancer than women die of breast cancer, there are no sex-specific national cancer screening programmes for men, and two for women.

Many of the problems of the NSH can be attributed squarely to the policy (dating back to the 1970s) of preferencing women over men for medical school places. The most obvious problem area is the GP service. Over 50% of GPs are women, most of whom work part-time regardless of whether or not they have childcare responsibilities.

From the article:

The poll found that 25 per cent of women were anxious they would not receive the NHS care they needed in an emergency, compared with 17 per cent of men.

This is evidence of something we know about already, that women are more anxious than men. It bears no relation to ACTUAL risks.

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