Victoria McInerney, ex-Miss Liverpool, 38, crashed her Mercedes, fled the scene and reported it stolen but has avoided jail sentence and driving ban because woman and “brain fog”

Same old, same old. An extract:

Michael Scholes, defending, told the court that his client acts as a carer for several family members and has a history of physical and mental health problems. He also described her as ‘hard-working, responsible and well thought of young woman’.

Mr Scholes added: ‘There was a significant degree of brain fog. The extremely bad decision taken is so out of character that it suggests there must have been other factors beyond simply wanting to avoid responsibility.

The female judge appears to have psychic powers:

‘But I very much doubt that we will be seeing you in this court again. You have never been before the courts before, and you don’t pose a risk to the public in my judgement.’

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