Central London Branch, Families Need Fathers: Litigant in Person Conference

We’ve just posted six videos from this recent conference on our YouTube channel.

The Central London branch of FnF has long been run by the irrepressible Vincent McGovern, surely the highest-profile and most-admired advocate in the country for children to be given reasonable access to both parents following family breakdowns. Our thanks to him for this:

Principal speakers were John Barry and Martin Seager, plus Kim Beatson (solicitor) and Billy McGranaghan of dadshouse uk.  I opened as official host and Paul O Callaghan the new Chair of FNF closed. The conference was about the incredible stress so many unrepresented fathers face in the family courts on a daily basis and usually up again a legal aid funded mother with further assistance from our good friends in the huge DV industry. Hopefully these videos will be used to educate society on the ridiculous stress a rigged system puts fathers under.

… and for this:

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