Paul Elam’s XY Crew Jamboree – Roanoke, Virginia, 5-10 October

I’m really looking forward to attending the (men-only) XY Crew Jamboree in three month’s time. In the absence of an ICMI this year, it will be a great opportunity to meet some fellow MRAs face-to-face, including Paul. I recently interviewed Paul about the event, the video is here (20:24). More details on Paul’s website, and the link to pay the $25.00 registration fee, here. I hope to see you there, it’s going to be a great event. Don’t wait too long, ticket sales end 1 September.

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You can make a donation to support our work here. Nobody working for the party draws an income from the party’s income streams. You can help Mike Buchanan meet his personal living expenses through his Patreon page, or send him some Bitcoin, his account is 1EfWxqDAtgJDCR3tVpvVj4fXSuUu4S9WJf. Thank you.

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