Helen Rumbelow: Single-sex experiments have had their day

My thanks to Jeff for pointing me to an article in yesterday’s Times. It includes this gem:

The economic case has been proved for diverse boardrooms. 

Well, I couldn’t let that one go without commenting, could I? My reply, which has been published, is here:

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One thought on “Helen Rumbelow: Single-sex experiments have had their day

  1. Groan

    Strange isn’t that so much effort is put into “single sex” experiments for females. We see it vociferously argued for in the “terf wars”. Of course no effort at all is put into “diversity” where females are the vast majority, as in almost all branches of public services, teaching, healthcare etc etc. And interestingly in those areas of “Male dominance” in dangerous, dirty or just not glamorous jobs that,keep our society functioning. As soon as you see the word “diversity” you know it just means jobs for favoured groups not any actual diversity.


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