Katelynn Richardson: The future was never female

An insightful new opinion piece in the Washington Examiner.

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One thought on “Katelynn Richardson: The future was never female

  1. Groan

    “You cannot build a future or a family when your relationship is rife with the power politics of resentment and mistrust.” At it’s most basic of course the absence of secure heterosexual partnerships is also an absence of children. And despite all the ballyhoo about all manner of “artificial” means of reproduction the truth is still “the birds and the bees”. The most female dominated demographic in the USA is of course “African Americans” and as Black lives matter reminded us all a society with “man deserts” and single parent families as the norm is one where life is indeed caught in a spiral of decline. Worryingly the afro Caribbean community here appears to be following the same trajectory. It isn’t an accident that our schools are disproportionately filled with the children of our most socially conservative communities.

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