Lunch with a legend – Rowland Adelagun (ManWomanMyth)

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having lunch with Rowland “Row” Adelagun (ManWomanMyth) and Andy, a fellow MRA. Andy speaks and meets with Row regularly, I join them for lunch every month. A picture taken after the meal:

Row is a legend in the MRM, probably the most influential video maker in its history. His impact on MRAs globally is incalculable. For many years until 2015 he produced cutting-edge videos on feminism and men’s issues, we believe we have all 130 of them on our dedicated playlist.

At the online ICMI20 he was a Guest of Honour, and we showed this video (51:43), a compilation of four of his best pieces. Starting at 17:35 there’s a piece titled, “On white sprinters and female CEOs”, which includes some interview footage of me when he travelled to Bedford to interview me in 2012, the year before I launched our predecessor party, J4MB.

Row was making videos before a fall from a considerable height in 2015 resulted in severe physical injury and brain injury, which mainly manifests itself in memory problems. From that time until January 2019 – when he emailed me, asking if we knew each other – nobody could discover what had happened to him, and the general view was that he must have died. His very popular YouTube channels were taken down not long after his fall.

Row’s a fighter and makes the best of his situation in sheltered accommodation. We have many blog pieces on the J4MB website, going back as far as March 2013 – here. Row’s story is here, his current YouTube channel here. Do pop by that channel and leave a comment if you can.

Row, my friend, we salute you.

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