Bettina Arndt: Rare chance for truth telling (in conversation with John Anderson)

Big excitement, people. I couldn’t resist sending out a quick blog to share my brilliant news.

The wonderful John Anderson, former Deputy Prime Minister, has just released a long interview with me, where he gave me the chance to discuss in depth many issues I am passionate about, the reasons for my advocacy for men, and concerns about modern feminism. The alternate reality that is usually so well hidden from the world of powerful men.

For the last few years John has been publishing conversations with interesting people from all over the world. He talks with leading public figures like Niall Ferguson, Victor Davis Hanson, Jordan Peterson and Douglas Murray, producing both podcasts and videos for his excellent Conversations series.

For some time he’s been discussing with me the possibility of doing an interview, but I was well aware it would be a controversial decision for a respected conservative leader to give a platform to this scarlet woman.

But John is a man with strong convictions, very concerned about the way identity politics is stifling public debate. “You cannot get good public policy out of a bad public debate,” he states on his website, promoting the need for free expression of controversial views.

He bit the bullet, and the result was been launched today, coinciding with the Depp/Heard legal decision – a critical moment in the cultural debate over #MeToo and Believe all Women. Issues pivotal to much of my work.

Poor John seemed a bit startled to be confronted with me in full flight, but I hope you enjoy the result. I was delighted be given this important platform and hope you will help me get maximum exposure for this impassioned promotion of fair treatment for men.   

Here’s John’s website with links to both the video and podcast. A sharable link for the podcast is here and the video here.

You can watch the whole thing by clicking below.

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