Justice for Johnny Depp (and Amber Heard)

At last. We look forward to Depp appealing against the absurd London court ruling in 2020, where there was no jury.

Nobody should be surprised at the overwhelming evidence of a woman’s violence and malice, nor her refusal to accept any responsibility for it. Not only are women not the overwhelming majority of victims – a lie repeated endlessly and generally believed by the public – they’re not even the majority.

In our manifesto we devote three pages to intimate partner violence (pp.43-5). It includes the findings of the Partner Abuse State of Knowledge Project (2013), the most comprehensive review of IPV research ever carried out. The headline finding was that:

Men and women perpetrate physical and non-physical forms of abuse at comparable levels, most
domestic violence is mutual, women are as controlling as men, domestic violence by men and women
is correlated with essentially the same risk factors, and male and female perpetrators are motivated for
similar reasons.

A key numerical finding from the PASK review was that:

Among large population samples, 57.9% of inter-partner violence (IPV) reported was bi-directional,
42.1% uni-directional; 13.8% of the uni-directional violence was male to female, 28.3% female to male.

This bears repeating. With respect to uni-directional heterosexual partner violence, women are perpetrators twice as frequently as men, while men are victims twice as frequently as women.

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