Californian court declares law requiring women on boards unconstitutional

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An outbreak of common sense in California. Our thanks to Jeff for pointing us to the BBC piece. Another silly woman (Toni Atkins) is making the silly claim so many silly women (and men) before her have made, that putting more women onto corporate boards will improve performance. As we’ve been pointing our for the past 10 years at Campaign for Merit in Business, there’s a causal link between increasing the proportion of women on corporate boards and financial performance DECLINE. The evidence is here. An extract from the BBC article:

State Senator Toni Atkins, a Democrat who helped guide the bill through the state assembly, said the ruling was disappointing and served as a reminder “that sometimes our legalities don’t match our realities”.

“More women on corporate boards means better decisions and businesses that outperform the competition,” Ms Atkins said in a statement. “We believe this law remains important, despite the disheartening ruling.”

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