Young woman to Mike Buchanan, on killing unborn children: “You’re a man Mike, until you grow a uterus your opinion doesn’t matter.”

[Update 6 May – the young woman has removed her comment, we shall not reveal her name.]

I’m surprised that we’ve had to wait almost two days into our week-long Facebook advertisement for a woman to utter this classic sexist feminist claptrap:

“You’re a man Mike, until you grow a uterus your opinion doesn’t matter.”

I replied with the following, also telling her I’d be posting our exchange on this website. I won’t name her, she may decide to pull her comment after reflecting on how sexist and ludicrous it is.

“Thanks (name redacted), for making your anti-male sexism so abundantly clear. On that basis I should have no opinion either on women killing their babies right up to birth (or later – women are almost never charged with murdering their children under 12 months of age in the UK). Most of our supporters on this issue are women, and they fully recognize that abortion is a human rights issue that rightly concerns both men and women. They are VERY happy to have us campaign alongside them for the right of unborn children to life.

10+ million unborn children have been killed since the Abortion Act 1967, how many would be too many for you? Is there a number, or are you happy with this never-ending genocide?

And should men’s opinions on Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder not matter too? If you have no objections to women killing their babies, presumably you also have no objections to them poisoning their babies with alcohol? FASD is thought to affect up to one in every six babies born in the UK (details in the manifesto), it’s the #1 cause of avoidable mental and physical health incapacitation across the Western world.

Shame on you for wanting to exclude half the population from even having opinions about these human rights issues… half the DNA in an unborn child comes from the father. Should HIS opinion also not matter?”

Mike Buchanan

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