Prince William is impassioned as he visits a suicide help centre in London which was set up in memory of Princess Eugenie’s friend who took his life in 2006

Our thanks to Mike P for this. While we welcome such stories, the focus on mental health is a diversion. Suicide has long been the leading cause of death of men below the age of 45 in the UK. The reasons include denial of access to children after family breakdowns. From a piece by Bettina Arndt, an important Australian anti-feminist MRA, Why men kill themselves:

“But this key issue never features in the public narrative. Instead, we are presented with carefully constructed red herrings. Remember the lavish 2016 ABC television program, Man Up, which spent three episodes claiming we need to teach suicidal men to show their feelings. Hours of television about men having to learn to cry, but not a word about what they were crying about. [CAFP emphasis]”

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