Our second Facebook ad

In our manifesto we explain how AUR, a Romanian political party launched in 2019, had 47 candidates elected to the national parliament (across both the lower and upper houses) only 12 months later, a remarkable feat they largely attribute to the use of social media (they attracted an astonishing 9% of the national vote).

We recently posted our first advert (a blog post, in reality) on Facebook, and were delighted by the response and cost effectiveness. So we’ve just launched our second Facebook ad, which over the coming week will be seen by most of the voters in the Bedford constituency. It takes up the remainder of this blog piece:

Hello. I’m Mike Buchanan, the pro-life leader of the Children & Family Party, a political party recently launched in Bedford, http://cafp.uk.

If you’re interested in reducing the elective abortion limit from the current 24 weeks to 13 weeks, we’re the only party you should consider voting for. The reduction will be a major step on a longer journey and it already has the support of many MPs.

Over 10 million unborn children have been killed in the UK since the passing of the Abortion Act 1967. More than 200,000 are being killed every year, and the number has been rising for some years. We look forward to the day this genocide ends, and we’ll do all we can to hasten the arrival of that day.

I shall be standing as a candidate in the Bedford seat (which includes Kempston) at the next general election. Mohammad Yasin, our Labour MP, won with a majority of just 145 votes at the last general election (2019). More than a third of potential voters didn’t vote in this seat in 2019, thousands more than voted for Mr Yasin.

Our manifesto is here https://cafpuk.wordpress.com/manifesto/, we cover the issue of abortion on pp.23-6, Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (the leading cause of mental incapacitation across the Western world) on pp.27-9, non-therapeutic male circumcision (a crime since the passing of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861) – Male Genital Mutilation – on pp.30,31.

If elected, I shall take only half the salary I’ll be entitled to as an MP (currently £84,000 p.a.) and donate the remainder to good causes in Bedford and Kempston.

Please be sure to ‘like’ this page. Thank you.

Mike Buchanan


07967 026163

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