GB News: Mike Buchanan and Jean Hatchet debate, ‘Is it time for a Minister for Men?’

Yesterday I had a vigorous discussion with the radical feminist Jean Hatchet, on GB News. The video (13:42) is here. I recommend you check out the comments section.

Ms Hatchet challenged my assertion that more men die of prostate cancer than women die of breast cancer, and accused me of the habit of peddling false statistics! Quite something, that accusation coming from a feminist, of all people… She also talked utter rot on rape, domestic violence, and more.

The statistics about prostate cancer and breast cancer are on p.72 of the manifesto, I’ve just received some interesting related information from William Collins, for which I thank him.

Mike Buchanan

Mike Buchanan to debate on GB News tomorrow, Sunday, “Is it time for a Minister for Men?”

I’m going to appear on GB News tomorrow, Sunday, at 2:10pm, to debate the issue, probably with a feminist – I’ve recommended Laura ‘Special Snowflake’ Bates of the Everyday Whining Project – “Is it time for a Minister for Men?” The question would merit at least an hour for a substantive debate, but I’ll do what I can in the 10 minutes allotted.