PSHE ‘woke’ indoctrination of children

In our coming new manifesto we’ll be calling for an end to the ‘woke’ culture pushed by teachers in our primary and secondary schools. My thanks to Jim for this:

Hi Mike,

Hope all is well.  Just thought I’d share with you some of the PSHE material that is being presented to my young teenage daughter’s class at school, produced by PSHE Association Ltd. It is more destruction of the nuclear family and completely ignores the biological and emotional necessity of a child needing both a mother and a father for conception and for growing up to be well adjusted adults.

Please feel free to forward the attached material (but not this email) for review purposes to anyone you wish or post on your websites. Pretty appalling stuff. It’s the promulgation of Kate Millet’s radical feminism and her feminist meeting at which Kate and others chanted that they would destroy the nuclear family which you pointed out.



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