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[Note added on 28 December, 2022: We’ve reverted to our original party name – since our launch, in 2013 – Justice for Men & Boys. Since October, we’ve been posting all our new blog posts there, not here. If you subscribe on the J4MB website (by adding your email address in the box “Sign up for daily notifications”) you’ll receive an email early every afternoon, with links to the previous 24 hours’ blog posts.]

Welcome to the website of a political party which is going to change the face of British politics. We’ll start with Mike Buchanan, party leader, standing in the constituency of Bedford (which includes Kempston) at the next general election. That election must be held by January, 2025.

Mike has lived in Bedford for over 25 years, and is proud to call himself a Bedfordian.

For many years the Bedford constituency has been a very marginal seat, making it the perfect place to launch this party. Both the winning candidates and the runners-up have been from the Conservative or Labour parties for the past 100+ years (more often, the Conservative party).

In 2019, at the last general election, Mohammad Yasin, the Labour candidate, retained the seat with only 145 votes more than his Conservative rival, Ryan Henson. The key statistics for Bedford in 2019 and previous general elections are here. Thousands more people declined to vote, than voted for Mr Yasin:

Formerly Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), a party launched in 2013, we launched this party on 23 April, 2022.

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Mike Buchanan

Party leader